THE 15 BEST Museums In Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa, might not immediately spring to mind when you think of world-class museums.

But this Midwestern gem conceals a treasure trove of cultural institutions waiting to be discovered.

From the moving exhibits chronicling vital moments in history to captivating artistic creations and scientific wonders, Des Moines’ museums offer an experience that will surprise and delight.

Ready to embark on an unexpected museum adventure?

Best Museums in Des Moines, Iowa

From rich historical exhibits to captivating artistic experiences, Des Moines boasts a vibrant museum scene.

Explore these treasures, each offering a unique journey through Iowa’s heritage, scientific wonders, artistic spirit, and the inspiring stories of those who shaped the state.

Fort Des Moines Museum & Education Center

As you step into this authentic pearl, you will be moved back to a time when massive crossroads in Dark history and ladies’ experiences were unfurled.

The museum gladly remains as blessed grounds, saving and exhibiting the accounts that have molded our country.

The African American history shown inside the walls of this historical center is noteworthy.

From the rich legacy of African American troopers who prepared at Stronghold Des Moines during The Second Great War to the historical accomplishments of ladies who broke hindrances, each show offers a brief look into their victories and difficulties.

Best Time to Visit: Open year-round, but visits during Black History Month (February) or Women’s History Month (March) often feature related events that enhance the experience.

Admission Fee: General admission varies (adults, seniors, children), and memberships offer regular visitors great value. Please see their website for the most current pricing details.

Address: 75 East Army Post Road, Des Moines, IA 50315

Science Center of Iowa

Welcome to the Science Focus of Iowa, perhaps the best gallery in Des Moines, Iowa!

With its brilliant shows and an emphasis on making science open to all ages, these historical centers are an exciting encounter for everybody.

Step into an existence where learning turns into an undertaking as you investigate the great shows that are both instructive and engaging.

From involved examinations to vivid showcases, the Science Focal point of Iowa offers a novel chance to draw in logical ideas dazzlingly.

Best Time to Visit: Weekends and school field trip seasons (spring) tend to be busier. Weekday mornings or evenings might offer a more relaxed exploration experience.

Admission Fee: Varied pricing options exist for general admission, special exhibits, and the IMAX theater. Memberships provide excellent value for frequent visitors.

Address: 401 W Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy, Des Moines, IA 50309

Official Website:

State Historical Building

Des Moines, Iowa, isn’t just the state’s capital but also a center for craftsmanship, culture, and history.

The State Historical Building remains a demonstration of Iowa’s lively past, offering guests an enrapturing venture through time.

Its vast, meticulously designed exhibits thoughtfully chronicle the era of Iowa’s settlement.

While investigating Des Moines’ social scene, don’t pass up visiting this top-level exhibition hall.

The State Authentic Structure grandstands not exclusively Iowa’s glad legacy but also its obligation to save and offer it for ages to come.

Best Time to Visit: This gem is open year-round! Check their events calendar, as special exhibits often align with specific historical events or themes.

Admission Fee: The joy of discovery is absolutely free! This remarkable museum welcomes visitors without any admission charge.

Address: 600 East Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50319

Official Website:

Jordan House

On the off chance that you’re searching for a brief look into the past and need to drench yourself ever, the Jordan House in Des Moines, Iowa, ought to be on your list of best muses in Des Moines, Iowa.

This unlikely treasure is something beyond a gallery – an encounter transports you back in time.

For history devotees or those looking for an essential social encounter, spending an hour or so at the Jordan House will leave you with enduring recollections.

So, next time you end up in Des Moines, make sure to add the Jordan House to your schedule.

It’s not simply one more historical center – it’s where history wakes up and makes a permanent imprint on all who visit.

Best Time to Visit: Guided tours are offered on the hour. Arriving early is recommended during peak seasons (summer, fall foliage) to secure your tour spot.

Admission Fee: Modest fees apply, with discounts available for seniors and youth.

Address: 2001 Fuller Rd, West Des Moines, IA 50265

Fort Des Moines II

Fort Des Moines II, situated in Des Moines, Iowa, isn’t just a generally critical site yet additionally an unlikely treasure among the city’s galleries.

This striking spot qualifies as being the origination of the Des Moines Dedication Lodge, making it a must-visit objective for history fans and artistry darlings.

One of the champion elements of Fort Des Moines II is its enthralling presentation of craftsmanship enhancing its walls.

As you investigate this authentic site, you will be blessed to receive a variety of outwardly shocking pieces that add a layer of profundity to your experience.

Whether you’re keen on diving into neighborhood history or essentially valuing delightful works of art against a beguiling setting, this unlikely treasure brings something to the table for every individual who visits.

Best Time to Visit: Open seasonally on weekends, check their website for exact operating dates. Special events enhance the experience.

Admission Fee: Typically, admission is free. However, specific events hosted on-site may carry separate fees.

Address: Address: 306-338 SW Water St, Des Moines, IA 50309, United States

Des Moines Art Center

The Des Moines Art Center shines as one of the finest museums in Des Moines, Iowa.

Its magnificent collection, both captivating and widely admired, creates a truly memorable experience for guests.

Beyond its stunning collection, the Des Moines Art Center is renowned for its exceptional attention to detail in every aspect of the visitor experience.

From investigating provocative craftsman ships to finding treasures in the gift shop and partaking in a great dinner at the café, this gallery genuinely offers something for everybody.

Best Time to Visit: Weekdays offer a less crowded atmosphere. However, planning your visit around specific exhibitions of interest is always wise as the collection rotates.

Admission Fee: Gallery admission is a gift to all – completely free! Special programs or events may sometimes carry ticket costs.

Address: 4700 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50312

Official Website:

Des Moines Children’s Museum

The Des Moines Children’s Historical Center is a must-visit museum for families in Des Moines, Iowa.

For those with a passion for building and creating, the museum offers a special construction zone where imaginations run wild and structures take shape with blocks and endless possibilities.

This active experience engages as well as cultivates critical thinking abilities and spatial mindfulness.

Des Moines Children’s Historical Center offers an advancing climate for kids to play, learn, and make enduring recollections.

With its assorted scope of displays and smart conveniences for children and grown-ups, it merits its spot among Des Moines’ top exhibition halls.

Best Time to Visit: Weekday mornings are ideal for those with younger children. Avoid weekends and school holidays if a quieter experience is preferred.

Admission Fee: Ticket pricing varies based on age (with children under 1 being free). Memberships can be a wise investment for frequent visitors.

Address: 1501 2nd Ave, Des Moines, IA 50314

Pappajohn Sculpture Park

With regards to investigating the lively artistry scene in Des Moines, Iowa, the Pappajohn Figure Park is a must-visit.

One of the champion highlights of the Pappajohn Figure Park is its faultless upkeep.

The recreation area is carefully kept, guaranteeing a perfect and welcoming climate for all guests.

Best Time to Visit: This outdoor treasure is always open! Consider visiting during pleasant weather, in the early morning or evening for the most scenic enjoyment of the art.

Admission Fee: Exploring this beautiful park is completely free, offering art accessible to everyone.

Address: 1330 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309

Official Website:

Salisbury House & Gardens

Visiting Salisbury House and Gardens is like venturing into an existence where magnificence and imagination merge.

The staggering home is a demonstration of the faultless taste and vision of its makers.

Each side of the exhibition hall oozes polish and appeal, making it a genuine sanctuary for workmanship devotees.

If you value the complexities of materials or find comfort in the strokes of a very much-created painting, Salisbury House and Gardens will leave you stunningness motivated.

The assortment traverses different imaginative types and periods, guaranteeing something to enthrall each guest.

Whether you love organ music or value its loftiness, this experience will undoubtedly have an enduring effect on your faculties.

Best Time to Visit: Guided tours run on the hour. Arrive early to secure your spot if visiting during peak season (summer or special events).

Admission Fee: Fees apply for both house tours and garden access, though combination tickets are available.

Address: 4025 Tonawanda Dr, Des Moines, IA 50312

Official Website:

Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

The More Prominent Des Moines Professional Flowerbed is without a doubt one of the must-visit attractions while investigating Des Moines, Iowa.

This unlikely treasure offers a spellbinding encounter for nature lovers and anybody looking for a serene getaway from the clamoring city.

Settled in the core of Des Moines, the greenhouse flaunts a fantastic assortment of plants that grandstand both nearby verdure and extraordinary species not regularly tracked down in Iowa.

From energetic tropical blossoms to transcending palm trees, guests can drench themselves in a different vegetation exhibit.

Whether you’re a carefully prepared groundskeeper or have an appreciation for nature’s excellence, this greenhouse offers something for everybody.

Best Time to Visit: The indoor areas provide year-round enjoyment. Outdoor gardens bloom beautifully from spring through fall. Check for special events that might align with your interests.

Admission Fee: Modest admission with discounts for seniors and children. Memberships can be a great value offering frequent access.

Address: 909 Robert D. Ray Drive, Des Moines, IA 50309

Official Website:

World Food Prize Hall of Laureates

Situated in Des Moines, Iowa, the World Food Prize Lobby of Laureates remains a demonstration of the extraordinary accomplishments in farming and the continuous battle against hunger.

Whether you are a farming devotee, history buff, or inquisitive about our planet’s most significant problems, this exhibition hall will spellbind your creative mind.

Step inside its fabulous corridors and set out on an excursion that will both teach and rouse you.

Get ready to be flabbergasted by the accounts of development and versatility that have formed our reality’s food frameworks.

Best Time to Visit: Open year-round. Consider visiting around special speaker events or programs related to global food issues, as these enrich the thematic experience.

Admission Fee: This inspiring museum offers free admission to all guests.

Address: 100 Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50309

Official Website:

Wells Fargo Museum

The Wells Fargo Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa, is one of the best museums nearby.

With its rich history of cash and intelligent presentations, it offers an exciting and instructive experience for guests, everything being equal.

Step into the exhibition hall and be shipped back in time as you investigate the captivating history of cash.

What makes this historical center unique is its capacity to take special care of guests, everything being equal.

From small kids just starting their excursion into grasping cash & history to grown-ups who need to extend their insight on these points, everybody can track down something charming and edifying here.

It guarantees a great experience that will leave you with a more profound comprehension of our financial past while giving diversion to all who enter its entryways.

Best Time to Visit: As an indoor museum, any time of year is suitable. Weekdays tend to be less crowded than weekends.

Admission Fee: Completely free, providing a fascinating glimpse into history accessible to all!

Address: 666 Walnut St, Des Moines, IA 50309

Blank Park Zoo

Known for its compassionate care of animals, this zoo offers an engaging and educational experience that celebrates the wonders of wildlife.

Whether you’re looking for instructive open doors or just searching for a critical outing, Clear Park Zoo merits a spot on your rundown of must-visit exhibition halls in Des Moines.

Best Time to Visit: Summer is the peak season. If possible, visiting in spring or fall with cooperative weather can be lovely. Early mornings often offer a chance to see more active animals.

Admission Fee: Ticket prices vary based on age. Memberships are available for regular zoo-goers. Check their website for the most current pricing details.

Address: 7401 SW 9th St, Des Moines, IA 50315

Official Website:

Hoyt Sherman Place

Hoyt Sherman Spot remains a demonstration of the rich legacy and creative tradition of Iowa.

It exhibits a great assortment of fine arts and curios that feature the locale’s remarkable history and social importance.

From dazzling works of art to mind-boggling figures, guests can drench themselves in a universe of imagination and magnificence.

It offers a vivid encounter that consolidates workmanship appreciation with social effect – making it perhaps the most convincing gallery in all of Iowa.

Best Time to Visit: Open seasonally, but this venue hosts diverse shows and events throughout the year. Aligning your visit with performances or exhibits that pique your interest adds another dimension to the experience.

Admission Fee: Gallery exhibits are usually free. Performances and special events generally have separate ticket charges.

Address: 1501 Woodland Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309

Official Website:

Iowa Hall of Pride

Situated in Des Moines, the Iowa Corridor of Pride brags an amazing assortment of 47 shows that honor Iowa’s athletic, science, and workmanship stars.

From top-notch competitors to weighty researchers and skilled specialists, this exhibition hall praises the assorted accomplishments of people who have called Iowa home.

Whether you are a games fan anxious to dive into Iowa’s athletic heritage or an artistry fan looking for motivation from nearby gifts, this exhibition hall has something for everybody.

Plan to be roused by this uncommon exhibition hall that features why Des Moines is home to the absolute best historical centers in all of Iowa.

Best Time to Visit: Open year-round, but this venue hosts diverse shows and events. Aligning your visit with performances or exhibits that pique your interest adds another dimension to the experience.

Admission Fee: Gallery exhibits are usually free. Performances and special events generally have separate ticket charges.

Address: 1501 Woodland Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309

Wrapping Up!

As our Des Moines journey draws to a close, I’m filled with a profound sense of wonder and appreciation.

From the poignant exhibits that stir the soul to the artistic marvels that ignite the imagination, this city has painted a vibrant portrait of human achievement and resilience.

May your own exploration of Des Moines be equally enriching, allowing you to uncover its treasures and connect with its welcoming spirit.

Let the experiences linger, inspiring you long after your travels have ended. Ready to begin your own adventure?

Don’t forget to share your most cherished museum moments in the comments – let your discoveries motivate others to experience the heart of Iowa.

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